About ANA architects


ANA goes Europe is a research project by ANA architects.
ANA specializes in housing and submits in their work a strong link between building practice, (design) research and education. Building practice is the main activity of ANA architects. Private plot development, transformation of outdated housing, housing with care, flexible and multifunctional buildings form to some of the specific assignments that ANA is concerned with. In addition, ANA investigates by means of education and research different contemporary themes within the housing assignment. Topics of research are: flexible and multipurpose buildings (Learning from Multifunk), transformation of large outdated housing complexes (MOE),  urban familiy living, ‘Greytones’; new concepts for living together and independent for the elderly. The researchproject ANA goes Europe is conducted by the two partners of ANA: Marcel van der Lubbe & Jannie Vinke.

More information on www.ana.nl


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