New European housing prototypes


During the research of ANA goes Europe a dynamic catalogue of New European Housing Prototypes is being compelled.  From all countries, meetings and project visits specific solutions for European housing issues are collected and added to the catalogue. The prototypes give an overview of solutions that deal with current and future issues that housing in Europe has to deal with. The prototypes are defined on the basis of spatial, programmatic, social and process characteristics.

The catalogue is dynamic and will be expanded after each research trip.


01 Energymax-living-machine

02 Intergenerational compound

03 Old-new Hybrid






04 Re-Slab

05 Slab with potential

06 Friends building

07 Modern treehouse

08 Lat-Flat

09 Hidelori

10 Holefiller

11 Better and Cheaper

12 Towerblock















13 Compact enclave

14 Wrapping new and old

To be continued