ANA goes Europe


ANA architects explores the added value of architects to the future housing assignment in the Netherlands by focusing on the European context.


ANA makes a journey with a camper through Europe along European cities. ANA investigates with local architects, developers, housing corporations, communities and independent thinkers, local and global developments that will affect living in Europe.
Europe is currently in a very dynamic state of transition. Numerous social, economical and environmental developments affect the future housing assignment and demand new design solutions. The aging European population, sustainable urgency, increasing labor migration and building system innovation to name a few. There are many similarities between different countries of Europe, but also large differences in the specific problems and in the way in which these problems are handled. We believe this provides opportunities for architects. Architects can and should constructively and creatively contribute to strengthen their role and to generate meaningful solutions.

The project has started in 2014 with a first trip to Scandinavia;  The second part of the project we have traveled to Germany; At the moment we are preparing trips to France and Brittain.

Summaries of the findings of the first two trips to the German midfield and the Untouchables (Scandinavia) are available.

The European building industry in general and the Dutch building industry in particular are at a tipping point. After a few years of firm crisis and numerous social, developments Eruope has a completely different context than the period of strong economic growth that characterized the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century. The housing assignment and the way it is addressed thus also changes; This change refers both to the content of the housing assignment and to the role of the various parties in the process.

European countries are challenged by numerous developments that have an impact on housing. Temporary and permanent migration (in & out), strong urbanisation of metropolitan regions, an aging population in a dismantling welfare state, large areas with a low quality housing stock and poor energy performance and the urgent need to improve the sustainability of areas and buildings are relevant themes in all countries. The way these themes are addressed and solved are very different in each country. Local politics, financial situation and roleplay in the building industry all have an effect on these solutions. We would like to learn more about these differences, about the specific solutions and about the role architects play in addressing themes and exploring solutions.  The aim of this research project is to find inspiration and exchange experiences in dealing with future housing challenges.

In the context of the recent economic crisis, which has affected the building industry very strongly in the Netherlands, architects are ‘reinventing themselves’. The role of architects is gradually transforming from design-related to more process-related. Architects take on both wider roles and more narrow roles in the buildings process.
This research project investigates the position of architects in housing in a European perspective to identify, visualise and enhance the added value of architects. The project consists of gaining and exchanging knowledge and reflecting on current developments.



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