Trip 2: The German Midfield


ANA goes Europe continues with a trip through the German midfield. From May 26th – 29th 2015 we will be heading for about 25 projects, talking to clients, inhabitants, architects, teachers, builders and officials. Several housing themes are interesting in Germany.

Intergenerational Housing
Germany is the most aged country in Europe; 20,6 % of the population is over 65. The country is transforming into a new welfare state. Intergenerational solidarity is the leading theme of the German policy. This is also translated in new housing concepts. We will visit several of these ‘Mehrgenerations’ projects.

Housing in shrinking & growing Towns
Germany has been dealing with shrinking towns for more than ten years and has developed interesting strategies for transformation of existing buildings and areas. At the same time Germany has  ‘Schwarmstädter’, cities that grow and densify. We will visit both sides of Germany. We will visit Halle (Neustadt) and Leinefelde that where both part of the Stadtumbau program. And we will visit Freiburg and Frankfurt, two fast growing cities.

Sustainable Housing
Germany is leading in Europe when it comes to sustainable energy policy. Already 25% of German energy is gained from sustainable resources. In the building and housing industry this has led to interesting new concepts and experiments, such as energyplus-appartments that we will visit in Frankfurt.

Bottom Up Housing
The active citizen, a hot topic in the Netherlands has determined big parts of German cities already for some time. Tübingen is one of the more extreme and known examples of the self build town. We will have a look how this city is developing further after several successful experiments.

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