06 Friends building


Office 03, Köln-Sülz Germany, 2012

Building together, cohousing or CPO are all words for a rising phenomenon, that combines the ambition to custom made housing adjusted to individual needs with the ambition to develop socially sustainable living areas. This Köln project is one of many in which a group of friends worked together in realising their dreamhouses.

This project was designed by Office 03. The architects, who also live in the project, have aimed for quality in the typology, stacked wide maisonettes with either a garden or a roof terrace. Their strategy was to make completely customised floorplans, but stay in control on the façade. Within  a set of rules the inhabitans where free to choose between different types of windows.

Here you can read more on our visit to Baufreunden,Koln

and see the buidling in googlemaps