01 Energymax-living-machine


HHS Planer + Architekten AG, Frankfurt Germany, 2015

To what extend can we design attractive housing projects that are more than self-supporting in energy? In Frankfurt Riedberg the Energieplushaus is an example of a small scale self supportive project that not only fulfils its own demand for household heat and electricity, but also fully supplies ten electrical cars.

The compact five story building has a central core around which five apartments per floor are organised. In total there are 17 apartments in this building. Facades, roof and ground floor of the building fit to the Passivhaus standards.  The building uses a heatpump and an ice reservoir to manage heating and cooling. Remarkable is the way the façade is treated. A large part of the south façade and the whole roof are covered with PV panels. All outdoor spaces for the apartments are treated as loggia’s within the building volume to prevent them from shading the solar panels.